Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Same Design Pallette, Different Design Idea!

Have you ever wondered if, given the same beads, you would create the SAME project 6 months from now, a year or even 2 years from now?

OR, would you process the materials all over again and come up with something completely different?

Hmm, something to ponder! I had an interesting experience over the weekend during the continuing saga of reorganizing the craft room and bead containers.

In one container I had stored all the leftover beads from the project pictured here made several years ago. The first thought I had when I saw them was, ooh, those would look great on memory wire going round and round the wrist with a cool, sparkly aqua colored dangle!

Amazing! I had completely different and fresh ideas! I must admit that a few minutes later when I remembered this original project, I started pining for the original and had thoughts of re-creating it instead of going the new route.

Yep, sometimes it's hard to let go...but growth is good, even when it comes to jewelry design!


Anindita Basu said...

Lisa, I find that I change. Actually sometimes I feel like breaking up my old jewelry and start again. Yes, it is interesting to stop and ponder like you did about yourself...:)

dita. from


Azure Accessories said...

Hey there...hope all is good with you!
Saw this great design and had to say I love it...so much detail and texture.
If I feel a piece us taking too long to sell I will often take it apart and either make something different right away or put the pieces away for another day!

Lisa Crone said...

Oh yeah, there is something therapeutic about taking apart old jewelry to reconfigure it!

Thanks for the comments!

Hi Heather, hope all is well with you too! :)