Sunday, July 29, 2012

Musical Inspiration

At this point in time, I can only say that I WISH I played a musical instrument and you never know, it could happen one day in the future.

For now, I just enjoy hearing other people play their music and share themselves with their audience when they do...

Earlier tonight I was watching the Vh1 Classic channel (again) and was thrilled to find, "Janis".

I've been hooked on Janis Joplin on and off over the years and seeing this show definitely made me feel inspired.

I love seeing people put their entire selves into something with such passion that you know they are in another world while they're doing it.

Shown above is a bracelet I made several years ago while in the beading zone that sort of brings out the love child in me. The best part about it are the eyeball beads, the dice and even an alien...making it quite entertaining to study.


Kokopelli said...

Oooooohhh, can I have that, pleaaaaaase? ;) So colorful , I love it.

Almost Precious said...

Janis sang from the bottom of her soul, lived hard and died young. I loved her "Me and Bobby McGee".

I used to dance to her "Down on Me" back in the days when I worked at The Pink Bikini as a Go-Go dancer... uh but that's another story.