Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shiny Polished Hemp Cord

Wow, what a great color of hemp cord! SO shiny too! It's called "turquoise polished".

I was thinking about using hemp cord in some way to add to the bohemian feel of my shrinky dink bracelet, but the colors I have might not do it justice so I started looking around.

WOW, again! There are some pretty spectacular colors out on this website called Hempbasics. Take a look if you get a chance.

If you know of any other great colors, PLEASE let me know!!


Allie D. said...

Perfect timing! I just ordered an assortment of polished hemp from Fire Mountain Gems. I got a package of ten colors of 1mm polished hemp in ten yards each just to see if I liked that effect. They have a variety of colors in both the polished hemp or just regular hemp at this page: . One thing I like about this source is the small assortments of colors -- there are a bunch of packages that come in four colors each, such as 4 shades of green, or a set of pastels. There are fewer colors available by the spool, but still some different colors than the source that you listed. I don't know if you're interested in this, but they also come in different diameters -- mostly 1mm, but there's also an assortment of colors in 0.5mm. I am eagerly awaiting my order, as I had never before heard of "polished" hemp. I hope you find some other colors that you like; have fun shopping!

Shirley said...

that is a gorgeous color, and I'm glad to see Allie's post as well. I've only used natural in the past. I'm going to assume that 'polished' hemp has a softer feel than the regular?? Thanks so much for this post!

Allie D. said...

Shirley, that's what I'm hoping from the polished hemp! I will try to update once I get my hands on it :)