Monday, August 22, 2011

This Week's Project: Repurposed Beads

This week's project was made with repurposed blue faceted glass beads that someone gave me quite a while ago. I remember she had an older necklace that had broken and she wasn't interested in having something made with them, but also didn't want to toss them out.

When I picked up a new blouse in a powder blue color over the weekend I actually remembered these beads and really wanted to make something new to wear with it.

Then I remembered these beads! (Thanks Kay!)

They are so pretty and sparkly! I think there are a few beads left for a bracelet so that's what I am making next!

This was intended to be fairly conservative and simple so I strung the main focal piece on beading wire and crimped it to a length of 5 or 6 chain links in matte silver tone.

I then strung 3 or 4 crystals on either side with beading wire and crimped that to the final chain links. The last step was adding a very cute matte silver toggle clasp.

The earrings were simple too! Just a couple of chain links, a clear bicone and a small blue bead on the end.

Easy, inexpensive :) and simple!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! Repurposing jewelry is a great teaching tool also!!

Anonymous said...

I use to undo old stuff to do new pieces, but here you did a great job.
Those faceted glass beads seem amazing!

Skye said...

Beautiful :) I love re-purposing old jewelery and beads and you did a stunning job:)

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Very pretty! So glad she didn't toss those out!

Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful set, isn't great to buy something to wear and come home and make a piece of jewelry to go with it for not a lot of money, but yet it looks like you paid a lot for it.

Lisa Crone said...


Kokopelli said...

Easy, inexpensive, simple AND perfect! :-)