Monday, August 29, 2011

Special Retirement Bracelet

A very good friend is retiring this week after 30 years. It's been 21 years since my first day on the job and she happened to be one of the first people I, time flies!

It's an exciting time! I personally LOVE seeing people retiring in their 50's so they can explore their passion and creativity through hobbies and part time jobs while reaping the rewards of sacrificing for the last 30 years by remaining with a company through many ups and downs!

I'm torn between making something crazy and funky, possibly using a bunch of inexpensive plastic beads OR making something simple and sparkly using some nice crystals.

Maybe I've answered my own question...a COMBO! Okay, I better get to thinking on this one!

Since I haven't made anything with the other leftover blue sparkly beads I recycled from another coworker last week, they could be making an appearance in this piece as well. Seems appropriate since the beads came from another co-worker.

I'll keep you posted, I have to get it done tomorrow!! My favorite kind of motivation...time crunch!


Skye said...

When making fun and funky I go for appearance over 'price'. I just made one that has a bit of everything - swarovski,glass,acylic,shell,pearls, metal, plastic ... all that mattered was that the overall look was what I wanted :) good luck with your project! hope you'll show us it when you're done :D

Lisa Crone said...

You are so right! Thanks for the encouragement!