Monday, August 8, 2011

Aqua Cathedral Bead

Doesn't the name of this bead just sound gorgeous and special?

The color of this torch fired enamel bead is the most perfect color of blue! You might recognize the torch-fire artist who created it...Barbara Lewis.

She has some very special pieces in her etsy shop.

The description of this bead reads, "This Aqua Cathedral bead is one of the many that we torch-fire in our studios ... one bead at a time. This 23 mm x 12.5mm bead is featherweight. You could make an entire necklace of these large beads and never know you were wearing it! That's one ofthe advantages, besides the intrinsic beauty of torch-fired enamel."

It's so fun to share special little finds like this!! :)


Nissa said...

Oooo... pretty...I love the intricite detail on the bead.

Shirley said...

Oh yes, I love her beads!!! That is such a stunning color and shape.

Almost Precious said...

The bead is gorgeous and so is her etsy shop. I love the idea of the hollow bead with the open work, would really make the bead lightweight and perfect for earrings.

T-Rose Leigh said...

oh wow I'm in love, the name is as pretty as the bead