Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bicycle Pendant

Is this the most ADORABLE bead?!

It was created by our friend and ceramic artist, Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studios!

I just love her work!

I'm thinking this bicycle pendant would make a great gift on a simple cord or even an intricate beaded necklace, depending on the recipient.

If I was making something for myself, I would definitely try to work this into a bracelet! How about you?


Sandra said...

Actually... the way the holes are lined up and that bit of tire edging the top...makes me think about making it a pendant with a bit of steam punk. The beads look like it's gray tones, so black chain/wire/cord through the holes with some gears or star washers dangling beneath it. you could darken the metal to get rid of the shine and work better with the colors :)

BeadsMagic FREE PATTERNS said...

Veryy pretty!

JustATish said...

i love earthenwood studios sooo much. This is so cute, the imagination that goes into each of the beads and charms blows me away!