Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver Plated Dangle Bracelet

Check out the cute little dangle on this bracelet...that's what sold me!

I picked up this package at the same time as yesterday's copper kit. They are quite different in style and color, but they are from the same manufacturer. The name on the package is Jewelry Fundamentals.

Even though this package does not use the "kit" reference, it actually contains headpins and jump rings for adding more beads, very nice!

The possibilities are ENDLESS with this one! Since it is silver plated, it would look great with just about any color combo.

It might be fun to use the colors of the rainbow for dangles, but it would also be fun to use turquoise mix and throw in a few seaside charms. :)

What do you think?


Skye said...

Attach your charms to little lobster claws and swap them out as the mood strikes you :)You could attack a few neutral beads and baubles then switch out the accent colors and charms as you feel the urge :D

... or just watch for another bracelet ;)

Almost Precious said...

It's a nice package of goodies. Just enough to give one a foundation but not one of those "kits" that you end up with a finished piece that looks just like a million others. This one you can really make it uniquely your own by whatever beads and charms you desire to add. I like that. :)