Monday, August 15, 2011

Bird's Nest Jewelry

I received an email today from someone trying to find instructions for making a bird's nest bracelet. I was thinking she probably meant the chainmaille bird's nest bracelet, but I couldn't be sure.

While I was searching online, I came across these adorable birds nest pendants! I really wanted to share these with you tonight because they are so darn cute! The instructions are from "All Free Beaded Jewelry".

The description reads, "This DIY Bird's nest necklace is one of our favorite patterns for making wire jewelry because it is so simple to make and so easy to personalize."

If you have any other thoughts on this or advice for making a different type of "birds nest bracelet", please share!

Thanks everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Here is what I found :

Cheers !

Skye said...

Those are adorable! They'd be fun to play around with and see about turning them into earrings, rings, and bracelet links too ! :) Plus, since bird's nests are messy, they'd be an excellent use for reusing wire that is giving you a hard time straightening nicely... or even bits that you could 'tie' in together :)

The ChainMaille Lady said...

Hi Lisa! Did she mean Birdcage chainmaille weave? Love these little bird's nests!!

Unknown said...

These are really cute. I've made them in both pendant and earring sizes and they are good sellers in my B&M store. I did sell one through my Etsy shop awhile back too.

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks guys! I'm checking with the person who asked to find out if she was looking for a chainmaille design. THANK YOU!

samrx said...

My wife is gonna love them all... She is always looking for different necklace designs and these are mind-blowing. Very exotic!