Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday is a Great Day!

Hello! I felt like shoulting that from a mountain top, but from a blog is just as well! Saturdays are such perfect days because of the freedom for setting or not setting a schedule for the day.

I led a beading class today for a neat group of ladies from a large motor coach association. We had a great time, a lot was learned by all and there were even a few who left considering making this a new hobby. I love it when that happens!!

I was just playing around with the black rings and sparkly silver mirror beads I posted earlier in the week and thought I'd try wrapping the beads using black craft wire.
It was fun to do and when it was done, I found it interesting that it sort of resembled a bead woven piece I made quite a while ago (left).
NEITHER of these pieces are calling out to me as to how to use them in a piece of jewelry.

That is where YOU come in :)

Please let me know what you think!! Have a GREAT rest of the day!!


coolmoon said...

The bronze and crystal piece needs nothing but a bronze-y chain and maybe a few sparklies wrapped in here and there...
I would continue the use of the crystal colors seed beads on the other one - and starting with the outer most seed beads, begin making a RAW chain.
But that's just me!
Happy Beading!

Mellisa said...

Depends how large the sparkly black flower is, I could see it as a ring of as the focal component on a bracelet.

The Beading Gem said...

I really like the black one - frame it with wire and use it as a pendant?

Jeannie said...

The dark one I would make a brooch and wear it on my coat all winter long. I live in Minnesota.
I bronze and crystal I would add a drop bead (crystal or pearl) in the center and attached to chain for a beautiful pendant.
They are both very beautiful.