Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Gift of Hemp Cord

While I was crafting with my Mom and our Craft Night group, we had a lot of fun dragging out all of the supplies each of us brought to teach our individual crafts. This package of hemp cord happened to make its way to the table and I knew it wasn't mine, even though I wished it was!

I ooh'd and ahh'd over it and the next thing I knew it had been gifted to me!!! Aren't Moms great! I thought it was very kind and generous and I very quickly threw it into my bag of beads! I just loved the color combination of these cords.

There are 4 different colors that coordinate beautifully. I like that there is a white and an offwhite on the same package. This reminds me of the pairing of silver and gold. You typically think each color would stand alone as the primary color in a piece, but they work great together!

Just looking at these colors makes me want to start knotting!! I think it's time for me to try some new knotting designs. I just went back to the macrame blog post I wrote at the beginning of August. I was thrilled to be able to answer the question of "do people macrame any more"? with a very loud, "YES"!!

There were 4 macrame designers featured on that blog post and now that I have such a nice supply of hemp cord it's time to create a piece that will be perfect for the last part of the summer. It's hard to believe it is September already!!


Little Glory said...

I love macrame, so I cant wait to see what you will make!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Will you add beads in?

-Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Just A Tish said...

i packed myself a little craft survival kit to keep at my desk so i can keep busy during down times - what was in it!!?! hemp cord!!!

Azure Accessories said...

Great colors...I've never done any macrame work, it will be interesting to see what you come up with!