Monday, September 21, 2009

25mm Amber Shell Beads

I was so happy to see these beads at Michael's over the weekend! I have the white and black/grey version, but had never seen them in brown. I grabbed them up immediately and wait till you see the beads I got to go with them! :) Another exciting find!

These are perfect focal beads for one strand memory wire bracelets that are simple, yet elegant. I promise you will not regret the purchase.

Seriously! You get 12 of these for $5.99 (regular price) and if you have a coupon, wow! You can now make 12 fabulous 1 strand memory wire bracelets for all your friends and their friends!

Always a great project for a beginning beader, memory wire does not disappoint! One of the students in my last class wanted two more of the focal beads from her memory wire bracelet to use as wonderful, dramatic earring dangles.

They were great! It makes it all worthwhile when a student tries something off the beaten path!! Love that!!

Hope you are having a great week so far!


Just A Tish said...

ya know, you got me thinking - i have been worried about elastic, when i can make the same bracelets with memory wire...what a concept.

for the people who don't want to worry about clasps and want elastic, memory wire is a great alternative.

thank you so much for jump starting my brain!!! what a great idea!

Kokopelli said...

Those are beautiful. They have a natural look in this color.

Azure Accessories said...

These are wonderful shell beads..I use shell beads a great deal all year round...they are very popular. I've never see any like these though..we don't have a Michael's here.

I do agree with you the memory wire works well...I've been using it in bracelets and necklaces this season instead of elastic...I've never been a fan of elastic anything!


Mikki said...

I introduced a class using memory wire last month and my students loved really is a good alternative to elastic. We did a stacked bracelet (two or more rings of memory wire joined by beaded eyepins). should have Michaels sponsor you for the great advertising you do for them!