Friday, September 4, 2009

Featured Designer: Little Glory

This week's featured designer is "Little Glory" of Bela Crkva. After checking with Google, I discovered that Bela Crkva is a town and municipality in the South Banat District of Vojvodina, Serbia.

The town has a population of 10,638, while the Bela Crkva municipality has 20,275 inhabitants.

I love the internet!! I am positive I would not be "meeting" such wonderful, interesting and fun crafters and designers without it!!

I was fascinated first with her sea anemone polymer clay designs. They really POP! and make me smile!!

There are many other designs that are very beautiful and skillfully done, it really makes me want to try polymer clay!!

I hope you will take a moment to peruse her blog and check out these cool designs!!

Have a great weekend!!


Barbara Lewis said...

Her work is so playful! Thanks for featuring her.

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Very nice! Love the anemone pendant.

Little Glory said...

What an honor! I was very supprised when I saw your latest post!

Dear Lisa, thank you so much!

I'm really glad that you liked my stuff,especially sea anemones!

The opinion of my visitors and followers means a lot to me, so once again thank you for everything!

Have a great weekend!!!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

You really should try polymer clay Lisa... it's pretty fun!

Love the sea anemones too! Playful is the perfect word for them!

Azure Accessories said...

Fun stuff...I really like the orange pendant.

Oggy Art style said...

Her work is very, very nice ah interesting!!!

Just A Tish said...