Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cool Breeze Frosted White Rounds

These beads are quite cloud-like and sweet! As always, I think these would be cute used with lots of clear ab crystals with many strands all twisted together.

In my mind, adding crystals and/or pearls next to any bead is a good design plan! The funny thing about these white beads is that they could be used as "cool breeze" beads, possibly paired with summery turquoise and crystal sparkle.

These beads would also be perfect for celebrating the winter months by representing snow and ice! Once again I discover the only limitations for using beads is in our own minds!

Wouldn't that be a fun challenge? Select a bead or strand of beads and make one piece of jewelry for each of the 4 seasons!!
If you have any experience doing that, I'd love to hear about it. It seems that would be a great way to stretch your design skills!

Have a good one!


The Beading Gem said...

Pretty. I much prefer frosted to clear glass beads.

Silver Surfer said...

I have come across some little beads like these. I call them Moon Beads. I bought a strand of them but did know just what to do with them .. but now you have given me some ideas.

Just A Tish said...

i really like these- they are moonstone-ish.

i can see winter, spring and summer, i am struggling with fall...as an accent but not as the primary bead for sure.

that would be a fun project!

flyingbeader said...

Oooo those are lovely. You could actually use them for all months just as JustATish wrote. I've done beaded projects for every month. I've done the BJP for two years now & am signed up for the third year & I've also done a calendar doll challenge (one for each month). All have been fun & a challenge. dot

Azure Accessories said...

Nice beads...they would look great mixed with crystals in a multi strand necklace...

Wouldn't that make a great contest...choose one strand of beads and make something for each season with them??? :0)