Monday, August 31, 2009

Rectangle Clasp

Today's bead is an interesting clasp that I found at FireMountain Gems about a year ago.

I thought the shiny sterling plating was so bright and pretty, I bought 10 of them!

The package detail reads, "fndg clasp sp curve rect 5strd 17x8". These add a nice finished look to a jewelry piece.

I have used it in a bracelet and think it would be fun to use one of these in a multistrand wire wrapping piece.

It would also be great in a hematite and black crystal bracelet...Yeah, that sounds perfect!

I hope you are having a nice week so far!! :)


Azure Accessories said...

Nice clasp...never used these kind before but recently purchased something similar to give it a try.

Just A Tish said...

you know how i love multistrand pieces!! this is just right up my alley!