Monday, August 17, 2009

Large Floral Dangle Pendant

I wanted to start the week off with one of the last two pieces I picked up from

When I was searching through the Jill MacKay Jewelry section, I was intrigued by this piece. It is a "49mm silver plated floral w/dangle pendant" and in the online catalog is shown in a completed necklace project.

Well, for some reason, my rebel crafter spirit kicked in and while I thought it was very pretty used with tanzanite crystals, I was wondering how I could incorporate it unexpectedly in a piece of jewelry.

Could it be used in a bracelet design? Could hemp cord be woven into a design through some of the holes? Could it be used in a necklace design as the foundation of some bead weaving?

I'm still contemplating, but hope to have something for next Saturday's post. I hope you are all having a great week so far. If you have any interesting ideas for this 49mm dangle pendant, please send them my way!! :)


Dawno said...

Oooh how about as part of a tiaramor more simply, a comb. I'd probably affix lots of glittery Swarovski's to it, too, if I did that.

I can also see it as part of something with a braided leather cord.

Fun component!

Dawno said...

hmm. that m between tiara and or should have been a comma. I should type slower and check things before I hit post!

Azure Accessories said...

Interesting piece...if you had a couple more it would make a fabulous choker with swarovski dangles!!!!! Laying nicely on the collar bones.
Doesn't matter...what ever you make will be wonderful...

Just A Tish said...

yes, yes and YES!!

SSC said...

Adding natural stones and weaving light weight colored leather through some of the holes and using the same leather corded to wear like a breastplate would make an interesting piece.