Friday, August 14, 2009

Featured Designer: Blanche of Sha-Sha Handcrafted Jewelry

I love when all the planets align and coincidences or magic seem to abound...

I had one of those experiences recently when I came across a blog by Blanche of Sha-Sha Handcrafted Jewelry. I was blog-hopping by finding beading blogs that I liked and checking out followers and clicking on any that appeared to be jewelry related for the purpose of broadening my horizons.

I clicked on this blog post entitled, Coneflower and Bouquets of Flower Brooches, and absolutely LOVED this flower brooch. I usually fall for anything smiley-faced, flowered, animal-like or intricate crystal work. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled through the post and my name was mentioned. I had to read it several times to be sure and thought that was so cool.

You can get so wrapped up in a desire to absorb and learn as much as you can from other bloggers, you forget that it goes both ways. Even just mention of a particular bead can be inspiring to another beader. THAT is what is so cool about a creative and open arts and crafts online community. Such a wonderful spirit of camaraderie.

As you scroll down in Blanche's flower post, you will see a whole "garden" of super cool flowers. I also loved the fact that she showed her work so someone else could be inspired and have a general idea of where to start.

My thanks to Blanche for allowing me to post her work! If you have a chance, check out her "Use the Muse II" entry or take a look at her published designs on her website. Great stuff!

Hope you are all having a fun and crafty weekend!!


Jeff Byer said...

you are so creative !!

Designs by Blanche said...

Lisa, Thank you so much for the feature! The flower brooches and pendants are so much fun to make - if anyone wants more specific how to's just post back - I'm happy how to share the technique I use for these!
Always loving your posts, Lisa~


DS Blog said...

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