Monday, August 10, 2009

Silver Flower Linky's from the Jill MacKay Collection

I'm so excited to show you my new haul of beads!!! I am very pleased to have found the Jill MacKay collection through an online vendor at

I have bought one or two items previously from Joann's, but sometimes it takes me a while to think things through and make decisions. These days the bead aisles at the craft store are a little bit crowded. I don't like to hang out too long if others are trying to look as well.

I have been very intrigued by Jill MacKay because she strikes me as one of "us", a beader/crafter who has followed her passion which led her to a mainstreamed line of beading products. Isn't that AWESOME!? It was so great to peruse her products from my comfy spot on the sofa!

So, I'm sure you probably realize that means it's going to be a week long extravaganza of products so we can appreciate each and every one!

Today's bead is the 15mm flower linky!! How adorable is this? I want to link them all together in some way with additional beads, but I'd really like these to be the focal piece because they are so sweet looking!!

By the way, through 9/01/09, shipping is free on the website if you use this promotional code: MY2WFGX

Stay tuned for more Jill MacKay pieces!! :)


WireMySoul said...

Those are really cute!!

Just A Tish said...

i can't wait to see more!

i know what you mean about the bead isles - i feel rushed. i feel like i can't take my time because i am impeding someone elses shopping experience

Silver Parrot said...

Love those - lots of possibilities!

Azure Accessories said...

Those are great...

I also know what you mean about the beading isles...but you know it is so rare for me to get to a actual store that when I do I'm sorry I'm taking my time...even if I have to go back to the same isle, spot, etc., again and again!!!


Designs by Blanche said...

Wow! Thanks for bringing these gems to light! I will be checking out this collection for sure!

Jill MacKay said...

Thank you so much for saying such nice things and highlighting some of my work. I have to tell you it made my day! Happy to find you!
Jill MacKay