Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memory Wire Rubber Tubing

Hello! I mentioned yesterday that I was considering using the last two days of beads in a memory wire bracelet. By adding memory wire rubber tubing, it will be comfortable to "mouse" in.

I received a question from our bead blogger friend, Heather of Azure Island Designs, about the memory wire tubing, so I wanted to share the brown tones that I have on hand and get your thoughts on the best color to use.

All of them go nicely with the beads, so it will be tough to decide.

I ordered the assorted color pack from Fire Mountain Gems last year and have lots of it left in many cool colors. I would suggest that you find the largest diameter and I'm not sure the pack I ordered is the largest.

It does take a bit of patience and dexterity to use one long piece on memory wire. It is easy to use on beading wire, so that's another option.

Hope you are all having a great week!! :)


Barbara Lewis said...

Hi there, I'm relatively new to your site and I've been using the Anco windshield washer wet arm tubing kit (that's a mouthful). It only comes in black and can be found at auto supply stores. Thank you for sharing the information on the other colors. I found that when I insert the memory wire into the rubber tubing that it helps if you kind of "shake" the memory wire into the tubing. Originally I had been trying to twist them together and it was very tedious. I look forward to your creations with these colorful tubing option!

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Love these beads and your idea for them! Please post the bracelet when it's finished so we can see!

Susan Marling said...

Hi - I am also new to your site and love the idea of what you are doing. I haven't worked with memory wire yet. Don't you need special cutters for it? I do hope you will post your finished braclets so we can see.

Azure Accessories said...

Thanks Lisa for doing this post...I've put the tubes on my shopping looks as though there is just this packaged set, but something similiar can also be purchased in 5 and 25 foot a number of nice colors.

I look forward to seeing what you do with your bracelet!


Marie said...

I've been looking for rubber tubing for ages. Thank you for sharing! said...

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Nauman Khalid said...

Gret Post.

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