Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I-Heart-Spools of Chain!

I've never had my very own SPOOL of chain before! I'm not sure why that is... Probably because I usually try to buy just what I need. Okay, okay... that's not entirely true :)

So, it must be because I have never had a project that required more than a couple feet of chain. I'm very excited to begin using this and have a feeling I might go a little extreme with it.

This sweet looking silver plated chain is described in the Rings & Things catalog as:

"Drawn flattened cable footage chain, 1.1mm. Approx. 1.1x2.4mm links. Approx. 10-meter (32.8 feet) spools. This bulk brass footage chain is made of soldered links."

Are you getting the same feeling as I am that the possiblities are endless? Well, I better get moving and get my beads out!!

Have a great evening!


TesoriTrovati said...

One can never have enough chain, in all sorts of styles and sizes and metals. You will have fun with this! Enjoy the day! Erin

Azure Accessories said...

I really should by my chain in spools as well but I don't simply because I'm a little nervous purchasing such a large quantity and not liking it! Then having to return it and wait for something else to arrive!!!

For the most part I purchase my chains online and they don't always look the way I expect them to when they arrive... :0)

Your spool of chain looks great...go crazy, have fun!!!


Betty BeadBug said...

I love to buy my chain by the spool. I just wish I was able to find more choices available here locally. It's so much fun to have what you need and then some, especially when you find chain you really like.

Shai Williams said...

And the price was reasonable! I have to admit that I usually don't purchase mine on spools. But when it gets home, it gets spooled simply because I hate untangling it.

Anonymous said...

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