Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flat Crystal Briolette

Today's bead is a 6012 Flat crystal AB Briolette Pendant from Jolee's Jewels. The size is 15x14mm and was found at Michael's.

I was surprised that these were packaged so tightly in a form fitting plastic case which was inside an outer plastic case. Definitely reduces the risk of breakage by about 100%!

This "pendant" is meant to be strung horizontally just below the top point. It makes me want to bead a necklace, but I'd like to try something unique and use them as a component in some kind of crystal "sculpture".

I'm thinking of combining this with some other sparkly crystals wired together to form a pendant for a chain.

I was surprised at the thickness of this bead and wonder if anyone else has used these before.


Mikki said...

I have some of those just waiting to be I'll be interested to see what you do with them. I bought them after seeing them wire-wrapped into a spectacular necklace.

Little Glory said...

I think that will be very nice pendant! :)

Azure Accessories said...

Don't you just love them...I've used Swarovski briolettes before...nice and substantial!

I don't use crystals as much as I used to but I do love the sparkle!