Monday, September 28, 2009

Curved Double Stardust Tube

Wow! Isn't this an extra-interesting bead? That's what I thought when I saw it in the Rings & Things catalog. The hard copy catalog has a cute bracelet design in it using these beads which is what made me want them!

I have a package of ten of these "Sterling Silver, Curved Double Stardust Tube, 15mm" beads. Just the word "stardust" is enough to make me want something!! I don't need the moon, just some stardust beads!! :)

I have a sketchy design idea in mind that seems to keep changing the more I play with the beads and lay them out. Hopefully you will begin to form some ideas too as the beads are posted this week. As always, if you do, FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!

This is one of the positive side effects of age...genuine interest in other perspectives and more willingness to collaborate. It's so much more fun this way!!

Hope you are having a great week!!


ClickNCamera said...

Speaking of age...not only do I appreciate input, but I find I like "sparkle" more too. Got to get me some of those stardust tubes too! Thanks!

Mikki said...

I love curved tubes....however if you have any tips about using them please share. I bought some liquid silver ones and the only way I could use them was to curl my needle so it would go through, even the flexible ones gave me trouble.

Anonymous said...

These would make a stunning bracelet or necklace for the holidays. Mixed with some clear or black Swarovski's -these could be absolute head turners!

-Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Azure Accessories said...

I also think these would be great for the holiday season...Swarovski crystals would pair nicely, the color of the crystals would depend on what the color of the outfit was...I think they are versatile!


Just A Tish said...

I have always been intrigued by the curved tubes but i have never used them. i can't wait to see what you do with them.