Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sweet, Tiny Yellow Flowers

Believe it or not, in Ohio we experienced close to record breaking temperatures today! In fact, at close to 10pm, it is still 63 degrees. This might not seem like much to others in warmer climates, but to us, it's a heat wave! We were previously in the midst of ice and snow storms and wind chills below zero! It's truly shocking!

I was wondering if there might be some little flowers in the ground thinking it was time to come up already. It sure feels like spring and I wouldn't be surprised to see some tiny yellow flowers peaking out of the ground.

These beads are so adorable and tiny, they would look so cute just strung up together. But, I'm thinking they would look great with some green and red too!

Have a great, warm December day!

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Anonymous said...

aww, they look so innocent dont forget to check out my blog soon