Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bead Soup Party Registration - August 1st!

Lori Anderson of "Pretty Things" has announced that registration for the next Bead Soup Party starts tomorrow, August 1st!

If you are thinking about taking part, don't hesitate to get signed up because registration takes place between August 1st - 3rd only and beads ship out from each member by August 17th!

Wow, Lori runs a tight ship which is part of why this party is so successful! In fact, this is such a succesful program that Lori has been asked by Kalmbach publishing to write a book about it! Yay! The Bead Soup Blog Party book is due out in October of 2012!! It's always wonderful to see people's hard work pay off, congrats Lori!

Now, here are the 3 important tidbits of information you need to know about joining the party:

1. you must have a blog, 2. you do NOT need to make your own beads, 3. the party is open to international beaders!

You can get the whole scoop on the Bead Soup Party blog. Make sure to do that now so you don't miss the boat! :)

You can learn more about Lori in this very nice story or by visiting her blog or jewelry website!

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TeriB said...

Lisa, so glad I saw this more way to get me going again and out of my "rut." I joined and can't wait....will be putting together my Party Pack this week! Thanks for sharing this information