Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fancy Swarovski Crystal Hot-fix Flat Backs

Did you know there are fancy Swarovski crystal elements that are hot-fix flat backs??? I didn't know that until tonight!

I am preparing to stock up on some flat backs to finish the desk accessory project I've mentioned that last couple of days and I stumbled upon quite a few fancy crystals on!

Who knew?! I'm also enjoying that such small things have these long, descriptive names!

Pictured here are the 2028 Xilion Rose Hotfix and the 2493 Square Chessboard Hotfix!

How FUN! I'm very hopeful I will find some cool bracelet blanks or maybe even some wooden bangles would be interesting to hotfix at the craft store tomorrow!

I've been googling for the last 15 minutes or so and haven't found too many hotfix projects that involve jewelry. Interesting! Why do you think that is?


Nicole said...

Those are very nice. I'm sure you will find something very nice to use them with. I didn't know such a simple thing could have such a long name either!

Almost Precious said...

The faceting on that Chessboard element is incredible. I suppose there aren't too many foundation pieces yet because these Swarovski elements are fairly new to the market but give them time and there will probably be a ton of stuff available. Have you looked in the jewelry department of inexpensive stores like Dollar, or Wal-Mart for simple/plain bangle bracelets or cuffs that you could decorate ?

Anonymous said...

Joann's just had a clearance on the Jolee flat backs not to long ago. I got several packs but don't know what to do with them! Do you have Diane Fitzgerald's book on shape beadwork? Can't remember the name at the moment, she makes some charms that have these attached and then she does a faux bezel around them right on the peyote surface. It's pretty cool.