Friday, July 8, 2011

Featured Designer: The Chainmaille Lady, Lauren Andersen

I met the fabulous Chainmaille Lady, Lauren Andersen, last week! What a wonderful experience! Lauren was in Cleveland to tape a couple of segments for the PBS show "Beads, Baubles & Jewels" the same day I was there.

I had a great time getting to know her and seeing her gorgeous work in person, including this amazing piece that I remembered from the fall cover of "Step by Step Wire Jewelry"!!

Wow, isn't that bracelet amazing!?

I have to admit I was having a Wayne's World moment and had to fight the urge to bow down with a few verses of "I'm not worthy"!! :)

Lauren is a Beadalon designer, Swarovski Ambassador and jewelry making book author. You can find her at all the big shows conducting demonstrations of chainmaille designs. She also sells a variety of chainmaille items on her artfire site.

Take a look at this red bracelet, oh my gosh, this looks so complicated, but seeing how it was done in person made me feel a little less intimidated by it!

Lauren was so much fun to hang out and laugh with! I'm so glad to have had this experience! You can catch up with all her comings and goings on her facebook page.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Mandy said...

Oh wow that is so cool!

The ChainMaille Lady said...

Oh my gosh Lisa you are way to kind!! I think it is the other way around! We did have so much fun together to bad you don't live closer. I absolutly love you book! I thought Niagra Falls was my favorite but after having a chance to look all the way through you fabulous book I can't pick a favorite! You my dear are the talented one. I tell everyone that will listen about your amazing book and how your work has inspired me. Thank you soooooo much! Big smooch!!

Almost Precious said...

The bracelets blow me away, so gorgeous. I've not tried anything more complicated than a simple 1 x 1 link cable chain, once I did fashion a 2 x 2 link chain.
Since I'm all thumbs with stuff like this I'll just admire it from the sidelines and oh and ah over its beauty.