Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week's Feature: Daisy Extravaganza

Rather than feature one designer this week, I am featuring three!

I searched through Etsy for some daisy bracelet designs and here are 3 that made me SMILE!!! :)

The first is this daisy cuff bracelet where the daisy is front and center and looks as though it could be real. By Willow and Quinn, here is the description:
This is a vintage daisy cabochon made in Occupied Japan in the late 1940's. It is made of a very hard plastic material and has incredible 3D detail. It is stark white with a yellow hand painted center and measures 1 1/2" wide and 1/2" tall. It has been securely attached to a bright silver adjustable cuff bracelet.

Next is a seed bead daisy chain!! I know the time and effort that goes
into these and just love that you can mimic nature by weaving beads together like this, how cool!

By JingJing Design, the description reads:
A bright sunny day, I saw a very strong and healthy sunflower in a garden... I can not forget about this happy sunflower somehow. So I decide make it into my beading work for this nice memory. This sunflower design daisy chain puts everybody in a great mood. It is beaded with size 11 Czech seed beads. I used size B English beading nylon. It is very delicate and strong. You can wear it years and years.

The third design combines seed beads with a metal cuff, nice! By Chez Sparkle, the description for this daisy cuff reads:
This Yellow Daisy cuff is precious! The large flower makes a bold statement and is perfect for the Spring/Summer :) The wire-wrapped material is moldable to your wrist, so any wrist size can wear this ~ small or large!

Enjoy!! :)

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Katie's Crafts and Cats said...

The daisy is so cool! I would wear that every day. =)