Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buttons Galore!

After mentioning that cool blue button yesterday, I noticed that our blogger friend, Michelle Mach, is sponsoring a button swap on her blog, Beads & Books!

How fun! It is open to anyone, not just beaders, interested in giving, receiving, sharing buttons!!

Buttons in all shapes and sizes are great for adding interest to jewelry designs.

I have used them on many occasions! I have a button bracelet and button necklace in the "funky finds" section of my book, A Bead in Time. I thoroughly enjoy expanding my imagination and trying to figure out ways to use unconventional pieces in jewelry!

I have also been successful with cutting off the button shank with a good pair of wire cutters and gluing the button on a ring form! You can use small buttons that just cover the ring form OR the largest button you can find since big, statement rings are IN!

Check out Michelle's blog post about her button swap if you get a chance!


Maryanne said...

Thanks for posting about this, Lisa. I love buttons, have quite a stash and use them all the time. I've never participated in a swap, but I thought I'd give this one a go.

JustATish said...

Oh how fun!!! I am a button addict..I love them!! Thanks for sharing this!

French Elegant Jewelry said...

I've only used them as clasps on bracelets but it would be fun to make some funky rings so I signed up.

Cyndi L said...

I can't wait for this to start! Did you sign up, Lisa?