Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think Spring!!

I wanted to reach out and ask everyone to keep their thoughts focused on spring tonight!

I believe it is groundhog day tomorrow and we are having quite a variety of weather today. I would like to begin planning for spring and was thinking about how you can create a feeling when creating jewelry.

Let's all get out our lovely, bright spring colored beads and create something cheerful!!

These really are great pearls that I have used in a number of pieces that usually involve either white beads or silver for some reason.

So, close your eyes, feel the warmth of the nice springtime sun and if you try really hard, you can see some tulips!!

THANKS so much for thinking spring!! :)


Debbie said...

your post made me laugh as I have been counting the days till spring. I am currently wrapped in a blanket awaiting the big storm!! Will have to think spring in my new designs!!

I LOVE color! said...

It is suppose to get down to 7 tonight with a wind chill of -16 and you ask us to think Spring now that is positive thinking.Yes I love bright colors. Especially spring green Be Blessed

creativegoddess said...

I'm with you on this one sister! :)
I saw your book in a couple of places at CHA and I thought, "Hey, I know her!"
I'll be posting pics of a couple of pieces I made for the show but I may take up your challenge and make something bright and happy! Soon as I chip the ice off my car! LOL!

Cathryn said...

Spring--It's coming too early for me. It was until this massive weather system that's covering 33 states showed up!

Lisa Crone said...

THANKS SO MUCH for your comments!We have more ice than we need and luckily we have power! Keep thinking sunshine and maybe we'll see a bit tomorrow! :)

Send me your spring pieces and I'll share them here!