Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creating a Background

There is something very special about this BLUE button and I think it is how the pink backing of the cardboard it's packaged on sets it off so perfectly!

I would really like to get your thoughts on how to create a pink background in a bracelet that I can use to set off this blue button in the same way the packaging does!

My first thought is to create a peyote stitched foundation and either use this as the button clasp or use this along with other similar or same buttons as embellishments.

Please leave any ideas you have that you are willing to share!! :) THANK YOU!!

5 comments: said...

Lisa, I like you new banner. My first thought about your blue button on pink was satin ribbon, don't know how, but that was my instant thought flash.
Peace and plenty of beads,

Lacey said...

My mind went the same way yours did. As soon as I saw your question I automatically thought pink seeds done in peyote. Guess great minds think alike!!! Have a blessed day!! I'll have pics posted of my Work In Progress on my blog later's not beads, but it's my other creative outlet!!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am all about fibers lately, and the sari silks are just some of the most vibrant colors out there! I could see this attached to the silks, maybe actually making a button hole for this to be the clasp! I like the peyote stitch ideas too but I don't do that so I would never think of it!
Pretty button.
Enjoy the day!

Shirley said...

Lisa, I was on the same page as you, thinking peyote or brick would give you the saturation similar to the card. However, when I read Erin's comment, it got me to thinking about another solution. I'll email it to you....

Lisa Crone said...

WOW, what great ideas!! I love the pink satin ribbon idea and the seed bead peyote foundation. I have never made anything out of silk, but love the idea of using fabric. Shirley also mentioned that she took a class painting on silk, now that sounds exciting! Creating your own fabric designs! Thanks guys!