Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colorful Reminders of Spring

After mentioning spring beads yesterday, I realized I needed to stick with this subject for at least one more day!! :)

I thought I'd do some quick searches for fun, springtime beads to share, but then I ended up on Etsy and you all probably know what can happen once you get caught up in Etsy... yep!

I was there for a little while!! It's sort of like eating a bag of candy when you really thought you just wanted one or two pieces.

You keep thinking you are just going to look at one more site and the next thing you's almost 10pm!!

I just couldn't help myself, so I wanted to share a few of the things I thought felt like spring.

Click on the photos to head on over to each of these Etsy sites if you have a minute, there's some other great stuff out there...

I'd love to hear about your spring beads or spring inspired jewelry if you have a minute!

As always, send me a photo via email and I'll post it here on A Bead A Day!

Stay warm and THINK SPRING!!


Jewelry box history said...

Wow, it's really a nice stuff.I love it.I love the blue purple butterfly necklace which is so cool and is an outstanding work of art.

d'Olivia said...

Spring? What's that mean? :)

Nadiaher said...