Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Sunshine Day

I've been spending some time pulling out yellow beads to make a happy, bright, sunny bracelet on memory wire using random happy beads.

These are a couple that I have found, but I also came across these paper earrings I made a few years ago.

They are perfect for this time of year!!

I made them with some cardstock and a flower hole punch. Very fun!!

If this doesn't work, I'm headed to the mall to pick up the light gadget that is supposed make you feel better!!

A friend at work said she came across one in a gadget store and didn't believe in the technology until she walked up to it and immediately felt a sense of well being!

Sounds like a worthwhile item to check out!


Dee said...

now that light gadget sounds interesting. Reminds me of a Bewitched episode, where Endora created these ugly troll looking dolls and took them to Darren's office in a disguise. They had a magic spell that gave anyone who came in contact with it a happy, wonderful feeling. they sold millions, until Darren realized it wasn his mother in laws doing!!

jamberry_song said...

Yellow is such an upbeat color! I think that's why I look forward every year to the first daffodils to bloom. Your post made me smile, and those earrings are brilliant. :)

Now what's this gadget that you speak of? said...

Yellow is my fav-o-rite color ever. I have a bit of yellow in every room and find it gives me a little lift.

This time of year can be tough, lots of folks suffer from seasonal affective disorder(SAD). I hope the special light and bright yellow beads help! They sure made me smile.

I love the sunshiney/flower earrings you made last year!

Thanks for sharing,

Charlene said...

These are cheerful sunny beads. I have one of the lights and it definitely helps me. I'm loving the longer days too and today we have sunshine!