Monday, October 28, 2013

The Holidays are Coming!

This bead strand came in the mail today along with quite a few others, yay!

I'm so darn lucky and so grateful to the Cousin Corporation. Being a Creative Circle Ambassador continues to be a great experience AND a growth experience.

I selected these beads with thoughts of creating something for the holidays that's not so obvious. They're listed as 12 Piece Resin 15mm - Open square red.

Working with open squares or circles is always fun. It's exciting to think about the many ways to either string them with beads in the center OR linking them up in a way that leaves the center open.

At first I was thinking of going an earthy route and using hemp cord in some way. I'm not totally convinced that's not the way to go yet.

However, I'm also thinking of adding some kind of sparkle. I'm wondering if going extreme sparkle would be interesting due to the contrast.

I'm open to thoughts, so holler them out if you have them.

1 comment:

Kokopelli said...

They would look good in a kind of door or window hanger.