Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday in the Park Butterfly Necklace Project

I just discovered one of my favorite projects is posted on the site with instructions!

Yay! I love both of these butterflies and was so anxious to share with you.

This "Saturday in the Park" necklace project was conceived and created in a couple hours back in August.

I had a completely different project in mind when I ordered pieces for it.

When I started putting it together, it became clear it wasn't really working as I envisioned.

I turned to my existing stash to find a way to use the blue butterfly and once I introduced the colorful enamel butterfly, it all came together quickly.

The black faux leather connectors are AWESOME! They make a statement and just require a jump ring to connect.

This will go great with a cobalt blue blouse this time of year. In fact, I think I'll wear it myself today. :) It IS Saturday after all.

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