Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time to Share Your Holiday Jewelry Secrets

Well my friends, it looks like the first wave of cooler air brings on a rush of people in the holiday spirit. Isn't that amazing?

I actually saw snowmen at the grocery store this week, yikes!

The time is here to start planning AND most importantly for artists, designers and crafters...time to GET BUSY!

SO, if you are feeling like sharing, I'd love to hear your secrets for getting in the spirit to create jewelry projects for the lucky people on your list!

Do you create holiday type projects using beads and charms like the ones pictured here? OR, do you mix and match crystals and beads in a certain color palette that isn't as obvious, but still has some holiday flair.

OR, do you think about each of your gift recipients and create something based on their favorite season, the colors in their wardrobe or their personal style?

Inquiring beaders really want to know! Please share and, as always, leave links to projects and pictures when possible. :)

Happy creating!


connie said...

I try to find some neat Christmas style beads red green blue white to make pretty jewelry out of.i cant wait to start making Christmas jewelry...

Just A Tish said...

I don't theme mine. I want them to be able to wear it all year, as opposed to just during the holiday season. So I think about the person, who they are, what they do, what they like, and try to show that in the jewelry that I make for them.

My sporty friends get pendants
My flashy friends get crystals
My artistic friends get chunky and layers....and the list goes on :)

Then again, I do know several people who are 'winter' themed and love to wear their snowflakes from Nov to Feb and using crystals and flake charms for new earrings and bracelets are fun.

And yes - the season for making has started and I find myself at the worktable more and more nights...


thanks for letting me share!

Dawn Doucette said...

My gift designing is geared more toward the friend that's getting the gift and not so much "holiday." Everybody gets crystals... that's just my little extra bling touch. :)

Empty nester at last said...

When I design for a gift, it is something that is personal for that person. For items I post in my shop, then I try to stay with the color scheme as much as possible. I love trying to come up with different designs.