Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feeling Crafty!

I had a moment of crafty inspiration a little while ago.

Actually it struck while I was on the treadmill earlier, but as sometimes happens with those fleeting thoughts, I forgot about it until now.

Two of these great components were in my Cousin Corp package and they are perfect for a chandelier type earring, but I was thinking of using one for a bracelet focal and one for a necklace focal piece.

AND, while I do love the silver tone, I feel fall approaching quickly and thought it would be fun to make some earth tone jewelry for the changing seasons.

I dug around in my craft drawer and found a cool copper paint pen. About 1 minute later, I had a cool new coppery component!

It's going to take another coat and a varnish of some kind, but I can't wait to make something new for fall!

What do you think?


Just A Tish said...

YES! don't you love when those moments come!!!!! Mine happen generally while I am asleep - I wake up with a start because the idea just came together - and it is time to get busy!

Beetique said...

I like changing the colors on filigree also. To keep it like that I would either use diamond glaze,or a matte spray laquer to seal. I like swellegant for coating metal and that line also has a clear sealer.

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks Beetique! Appreciate the info, I think I have a spray laquer, but will also check into swellegant. I love that name! :)