Monday, September 10, 2012

Exciting Shopping News

I've got some big news to share on behalf of the Cousin Corporation, yay!

They’re headed to the Home Shopping Network (HSN) this week with some fun jewelry products!

The best part is, the creative circle ambassadors have a chance to tell you about them in advance! How exciting!

So, let’s get right to it…

There are two kits called “Make the Connection”. One is for everyday and the other is labeled formal.

The kits are considered “almost ready to wear” because creativity is necessary to complete a “look” for the day or occasion.

There are several long connectors, a medium length connector, two short and two ultra cool pendants.

I had a super-secret mini play group, I mean focus group with some friends, two beaders and two non-beaders just to get their reaction.

Of course, they all loved the pieces and as usually happens when you get a few women together, we had a lot of fun mixing and matching.

These kits are perfect gifts for friends or fellow beaders who just don't have the time to string or create beaded pieces, but really crave the opportunity to be creative.

The best part is how each person did something different with the pieces and each seemed perfectly suited for their personality and/or outfit. LOVE it!

Pictured here are three of the eight pieces from the everyday collection. More to come tomorrow! The HSN broadcast date is Thursday, Sept. 13.


Just A Tish said...

How awesome is this!!!

Steela Castle said...

Hey..good and very informative post.
like to read some extra stuff form your side.

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Tish! I thought of you when I saw this kit, totally your vibe. Good to hear from you!