Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yard Gnomes & Jewelry Gnomes!

It's time! I'll be working on the gnome village so all our little friends have a new spot in the yard this summer. :)

I know, but I can't help my gnome obsession.

This is my very favorite one, probably because it makes me think of a summer Santa and Reindeer. :)

What do you think, do you see the resemblance?

This is a pair of earrings I made by using a photo and a little mod podge, paint, craft wood and a drill!

Speaking of photos in jewelry, what do you think about this idea that a friend had yesterday...Shrink down a photo of a favorite classic movie poster (think Creature from the Black Lagoon).

Print out on fabric and use ribbon clasps and a chain to make a fun, fab bracelet!

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