Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beading Daily on Seed Beads

Beading Daily Editor, Jen VanBenschoten, wrote a great post this week about bead substitutions in seed bead work.

Are all seed beads created equal? The answer is no! Here's an excerpt and a link to her story over on the Beading Daily website. Thanks for the insight Jen!

"All sizes of seed beads are not created equal. Beaders who have been beading for a while already know this, but it can be confusing for someone just learning how to bead. 

Just because your cylinder beads are size 11o, that doesn't mean you can use them interchangeably with a size 11o Japanese seed bead. 

Cylinder beads tend to be more compact and slightly smaller than their Japanese and even their Czech counterparts, so if you want to swap out a cylinder bead for a Czech seed bead, expect to have to make some slight adjustments to your seed bead pattern.

If, however, your seed bead pattern calls for a size 15o seed bead, feel free to substitute a size 11o cylinder bead. These two seed beads are close enough in size that they can be substituted for one another with minimal adjustments to your seed bead pattern."

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