Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking for Jewelry Project Videos?

Just in case you are looking around for some inspirational jewelry making videos, I wanted to pass along a reminder to check out Jewel School at JTV!

There are lots of familiar faces in their video collection demonstrating a variety of techniques.

One of my favorites that I happened to catch live on Jewelry Television's Jewel School is Patti Bullard, the creator of "Wubbers"!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see people like you and me discover there is a need for a particular product or tool in jewelry making and THEN they go out and create it for the rest of us! So cool!

Here's an excerpt from her bio...enjoy!

As a jewelry designer, Patti noticed the need for a new line of tools crafted and engineered specifically for making jewelry. As a result, Patti developed a full line of jewelry making pliers that are versatile, easy on the hands, and gentle on the metal. Her contagious sense of humor is reflected in the name of her tools—they are known around the world as Wubbers Jewelry Making Pliers. The newest additions to the Wubbers line are the patent-pending Wubbers Looping Pliers and the Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers.

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Alica Froster said...

Absolutely very inspirational jewelry making videos! I'm glad to see such videos. Thanks for sharing such demonstration, which is very educative for me.