Friday, May 1, 2009

Featured Designer: Al's Creation

This weeks' featured designer is from Al's Creations. When I saw these wired pieces, I had a jaw dropping moment! These are truly inspired! I have always been a fan of spirograph designs and still love to get it out ocassionally. I pulled it out of the closet recently and was shocked to find that all the pieces were each neatly in their specified spot in the box! Very impressive!

The color combinations in these wired pieces are gorgeous! The wire appears to be a silky thread. It also looks like the outer frame is wrapped to provide channels for the wires to rest in. Now that is creative!!

Thanks a bunch to Anne who kindly agreed to allow me to showcase her pieces here tonight!!! There are quite a few more designs on her blog as well.


Dawno said...

You have a way of finding the neatest stuff! Those are lovely - I will be sure to visit her blog and tell her so myself, too!

The Beading Gem said...

This is awesome! I heard of the technique which is making waves amongst wire artisans. Thanks for sharing. Pearl