Sunday, May 17, 2009

Black Satin-like Cord

Today's focus is on black satin-like cording from Rings & Things. This is a very pretty and sleek looking cord that can be used in many designs. I have never worked my way to a design starting with a cording like this, so I'm excited to start brainstorming. After working with hemp cord yesterday, my first thought was knotting or braiding this cord. However, I think that might take away from it's sleekness.

Often when I think of using black stringing material, my thoughts turn to silver, hematite and clear crystal. I'm going to do my best to think a little bit outside of my norm this time around. Given that we are well into spring and the color palette is changing in many ways, it might be nice to work in some lighter colors for a nice contrast.

The wheels are turning and I'll keep you posted. If you have received some inspiration on your end that you are willing to share, please do!

I also wanted to take a second to share a couple more cell phone lanyards with you. In my post last Tuesday, I mentioned I had several more lanyards to play with. Since I have thoroughly enjoyed using the red lanyard with the blue crystal bauble, I wanted to add some crystals to the others as well. I hope these simple little sparkly lanyards bring a smile on your end as they have for me. Have a great week!

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Anne said...

Spring colours are mostly if not all pastels. Black with any pastel colours do not work unless some strong vibrant colours are combined, which can be difficult. But then summer is just around the corner, so go for the stronger colours. To me black works fine with yellow or pink (talking pastels) but the effect is definitely not spring. The combo is neutral. Would love to see what you can create!