Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Universe in Your Heart

The amazing Lampwork Diva has truly outdone herself in this
clay heart. I could feel the love radiating from this piece when I read Cindy Gimbrone's description of it:

"...This heart design is an outgrowth of the Red Lotus Pods. Made with the same color clay and with the same shabby chic look, the heart too has a special meaning connected with it. I've named this the Heart Mandala based on a general meaning of the word "mandala:"

a mandala is geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe.

The heart represents metaphorically our emotions, our feelings. Pairing the symbol of the heart with a mandala means to me the universe is in each one of us, it is in our hearts.

So, I give you the universe in this heart.


The heart is hand carved from polymer clay by me. It measures 31mm by 32mm and is 9mm thick. It has been antiqued and had a final matte finish added to seal it. The loop is 20 gauge Vintaj wire."

Thank you Cindy! It's so amazing when you can feel the love an artist puts into their work. This is a great example of that!


Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful! I love the organic look of Cindy's heart!

Almost Precious said...

It always means so much more when the artist explains the thoughts and feelings that went into creating a piece.