Friday, June 24, 2011

Featured Designer: Cherie Ranfranz

Happy Friday! :) I'm very excited to share this week's featured designer with you!

Cherie Ranfranz, of "Happy Skull", shares in her Etsy profile that she has "fallen in love with lampworking!"

She also shared the story behind her shop name...

"Welcome to my shop! I'm Cherie Ranfranz and I live in lovely NW Wisconsin. My studio is located in my home that I share with my husband, Golden Retriever and two cats. I hope you enjoy my beads as much as I enjoy creating them! The name "Happy skull" just came to me right after I made the mosaic which is now my avatar!
After reading some articles on branding I maybe should have chose my name and a picture of myself. Hopefully the name will make people curious and not creeped out. :) I like to make pretty things and hope that others will like them too."

Shown here are a couple of my favorites from the "Happy Skull" Etsy site. Her Summer Citrus and Spicy lampwork beads are so cool!

Thanks so much for letting me share your work here tonight Cherie!


EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads! said...

Wonderful! Yuo are very creative!

Tom said...

Nice work of art and design you made!! Very Cute! Did you use Poly clay as well? I'll make my own designs too and show it to you as well and give me a feedback from it.
Keep up the good work.

"Tom" for carrelage mural cuisine