Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fairy House or Gnome House?

After posting bead blogger links yesterday, I had a chance to do some visiting!

I just HAD to share this adorable creation that I found on the Lampwork Diva's blog.

Cindy Gimbrone creates many different types of beads and has a new collection of red lotus pods.

According to a recent blog post, this fairy house just appeared under one of the pods! :) Awww, cute!

I was thinking this would make a GREAT gnome house too! Love it!


Barbara Lewis said...

Cindy is so talented. I'm so happy you shared this unique piece with us! :-)

Dawn Doucette said...

Super, super cute Lisa! Hope your summer is starting out great!

Almost Precious said...

The tiny house does have an enchanted look to it, surely something magical lives it it.

unikorna said...

wow I simply love love love your work, congrats