Friday, June 26, 2009

Featured Designer Thank You!

Since I have posted so many wonderful designers over the last several months of Featured Designer Fridays, I wanted to do sort of a re-run just in case you might have missed one of them. I also wanted to thank everyone who has allowed me to share there work here. It really makes my week!

Now that I am looking back over this list and the photos of their work, I am just amazed once again, at the diversity and creativity in each individual's perspective and design style.


Blue Nostalgia
Be-Jeweled by Jana
Al's Creations
Laura Trevey (& Anna Leah Designs)
Sue Beads
Lillian Chen
Nothing But String
Whimsy House


Azure Islands Designs said...

I clicked through them all again to refresh my memory...such an wonderful collection of talented artists!


Dawno said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me again! It was such a thrill to be featured!