Monday, June 8, 2009

Russian Jade Pendant

I wanted to point out this stone pendant that was in the recent group photo because it was sort of hidden. This was one of the "star" pieces in the bunch. It is obviously drilled as a pendant and this time I think I have identified it all by myself! Based on some internet searching (including the hobby lobby site), I believe this might be a form of Russian Jade.

So, all of my stone loving friends, if I have improperly "named that stone", PLEASE help me set the record straight!! :)

If I were to make something for myself with this stone, I would use a colored beading wire, probably black, similar to one of my favorite necklaces that I wear all the time (and featured last year). However, that seems a bit boring since it would look so much like the other one!

So, if I were making this for someone else, I might get a little more creative. The size is approximately 1.5 inches square. Using several strands of beading wire, each with it's own style would be eclectic and fun. Maybe I need to take a cue from Tish of the blog "Just a Tish Designs", whose fabulous multi-strand necklace was recently selected as a Bead Star finalist!! Once you take a look at that, you will certainly see why she made it to the top!!!

Her designs are always overflowing with creativity!! I need to work outside of my default mode of "conservative" and stretch just a tad.


Dawno said...

I know what you mean about Tish being an inspiration. She really has given me a lot of encouragement to try new things and stretch. I look forward to seeing what you do with this - it's bold and has a lot of potential for a really creative design!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great pendant...does look like Jasper...other than that don't know...I'm afraid I don't keep up on all the different names for many!!!!!

I like your favorite necklace looks like a "Me" necklace...something I would make and wear myself!

Like you I'm on the conservative side...I do try to step outside the box but it is difficult for me... :0)

Can't wait to see what you design.

JustATish said...

This bead is beautiful. I know what you do with it will be stunning!

thank you for your kind words and support. it validates what i do.

cant' wait to see what you do!

Zoya Gutina said...

I love it! But it looks like serpentine. Are you sure it's jade?