Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FOUND: Bluest of Blue Beads!

While I was frantically searching for something this morning, I came across a box that I last remembered using to cart things to and from craft shows. I thought it was empty, but when I opened it, I found a variety of odds and ends inside including these beads! These were actually part of a pair of earrings. I also found a bracelet in these blue glass beads that I am getting ready to disassemble.

The icing on the cake was finding 2 slinky sized pieces of memory wire that I assumed I had lost along the way. That was pretty exciting!!

These beads came from an old Ben Franklin store that carries a great selection of beads. It always amazes me that they carry such a wide variety of beads and findings considering they are located in a small town store front with every possible type of craft and a section of chocolates, fudge and bulk candy. It still reads "5 & 10" on the sign.

Once I have everything disassembled, I would love to find a way to really showcase these beads. If you have any ideas, please share!!


JustATish said...

Ben Franklin! I haven't heard that in years. I remember going as a kid, and looking thru all the penny candy and dime toy bins. *sigh*

I am liking the memory wire idea for a bracelet with these, putting seed beads and bicones between each bead as filler, mebbe green bicones.

or -

the long necklaces are in style this year - wrap them alternating between lengths of copper chain..
hrm - now you got me thinking!

Lisa said...

Great ideas, I never thought of using green with these, but it think it would be a perfect mix! Thank you!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Love all blue but especially cobalt blue, which I like to pair with bright orange...pretty basic but very striking just the same!


Carole said...

Those are a gorgeous blue.

Our last Ben Franklin store went out of business a few years ago. It was strictly crafts, but when I was a kid it was more 'variety' store.

I had thought Ben Franklin had closed nationwide, but have since learned that in some states the company still exists.

I love blues and greens together...reminds me of the ocean.

Dawno said...

Riffing off of what Tish said, how about using the beads as connector links between stretches of large link copper chain or maybe some hammered ovals? (like these in Rings & Things)