Monday, June 29, 2009

Multi-purpose Resin Beads

Today's bead is an 18mm flat diamond resin bead in the color, "Ruby". As you can see I have an entire strand of these and I found it interesting that they are temporarily strung on white cotton cording. You can clearly see the white cording through the bead, so I wondered why it wasn't strung on a clear or thin bead wire.

Okay, okay, it takes me a while sometimes! Once I started playing with these yesterday I realized the purpose of the white thread was so you could see the dramatic effect a particular colored cording could have on these beads. Since I was in a "pink" frame of mind when I was selecting these products from the Rings & Things catalog, I thought these would work into the mix nicely. The ruby color is a perfect summer tone with a happy little aura. However, there are quite a few other happy little colors to choose from. The aquamarine and capri are very tempting too!!

As I was working with them, I discovered they could be tightly crimped into squares (sort of a 1 dimensional rubik's cube). I have a piece worked together now that will either be a bracelet focal piece or a cool pendant. I haven't perfected it yet.

The other reason I selected a strand of resin beads, in addition to the price :), was the suggested projects for them in the catalog. I recently purchased a stays-on ink pad and it looks like rubber stamping tiny images on these is all the rage!

I haven't tried yet, but I should be able to get several different projects out of a this strand.

Three more work days to go, yay! Looking forward to a long, crafty weekend!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great color for summer...I'm finding bright jewel colors prominent this season!

Look forward to seeing what you do with them...

Dave Robertson said...

You know what, Lisa, that's a really great question. I don't know if there is a purpose behind using the white cord with these beads. It definitely gives you ideas, though. I'd love to see how complimentary colors of wire or cord work with this color of resin!

I'm also eager to see what all you come up with as you experiment with inks and more... Resin beads can be a nice "blank canvas" to work with :)

(...also on Facebook)

Anonymous said...

Stamping on these? Oh, I love that idea! Going to have to play ... may I go home NOW??? ;o)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Rubber stamping on these beads sounds so fun!

Mary said...

Lisa, you know I love stamping so it would be interesting to try stamping on a bead!

JustATish said...

As always, i can't wait to see what you come up with!!!