Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Week's Project: 3-Minute Bracelet

I realized on Friday that I hadn't posted this bracelet here after I made it several weeks ago, so I thought this would be a good time! I have a casual top that is similar in color to this square canteloupe bead that I wanted to wear under a black suit, but didn't have any jewelry in that color. I have LOTS and LOTS of black jewelry, but wanted to have something in these two contrasting colors that would bring the outfit together.

Of course, I hadn't thought of it until I got dressed and had zero minutes left to make jewelry. I opened up a plastic ziploc baggie and grabbed pieces and parts that I could put together without any tools.

While sitting at a few traffic lights on my way to work, I looked at the baggie of odds and ends and realized I had included these swarovski graduated drops that I had gotten from an sale. I didn't originally plan to use them in this way and figure they probably aren't meant to be used in this way, but I was excited to give it a try.

When I pulled into my parking lot and rolled up my dollars to pay, I decided I'd give myself a few extra minutes to see if I could pull this bracelet together. Guess what?.....3 minutes later, I had a fun and bright new piece of jewelry that really did help to bring the outfit together.

Don't you just love jewelry making?!! I hope you are all having a fun and crafty weekend!!!


Dawno said...

Lisa, that is a fabulous bracelet - and in 3 minutes? Talk about blaze of inspiration! The Swarovski graduated drops are perfect - who cares if they were "meant" to be used any other way, they're totally right the way you used them.

I'm completely in awe.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I like the bracelet very much...and the fact it only took you 3 minutes is even better!!

I think the best pieces come out of the blue...I find if I can't make it immediately I try to write/draw it because with my memory I would forget all about it!!! :0)


JustATish said...

How did I miss this post! I got re-routed here from Dawno, I need to tell her thank you!

This is amazing!! dont' you just love when it all comes together like that.

Cami said...

Impressive- and totally cute!